J'ai été accompagné par Maria pendant, d'abord, 2 deux mois et les résultats ont été extraordinaires. Quand j'ai contacté Maria j'étais bien perdu dans ma vie en tant qu'un entrepreneur qui avait, quand même, de bons résultats. J'ai compris que mes objectifs n'étaient pas bien établis et que je m'éparpillais.

Maria m'a aidé à déterminer la direction que je devais prendre. J'ai été tellement ravi de son premier accompagnement que j'ai décidé de renouveler le contrat. 

– René Kundby Nygaard, Foundateur de Bizkaze IT solutions

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When I first met Maria, the thing that struck me most was how friendly, warm and genuine she was.  And yet she is extremely focused, strong-willed and would always find time for you to help you grow.

Having seen her blossom during the last few years and make a reality of her drive and ambition to become a confirmed to me her skills and will to become a professional and caring coach. I saw clearly her desire to help others who are struggling to have a life they would dream of.

I would also say it is a wonderful blessing if you are lucky enough to have a coach like Maria in assisting you in transforming your reality. 

– Mark Vought, former Senior Sales Manager, Apple



“Thanks to Bob, my team went from ranking 163rd company- wide in commissions to #11 within the first year, and to #1 by the fifth year. This program is great because you can have Bob Proctor in your office every week – any time you want to just turn it on.

– Paul Hutsey, Former VP of Sales, Prudential Life

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What would happen if companies allowed their people to dream, perform far above what they thought possible, and achieve economic security? "Thinking into Results" has the potential to redefine the economic landscape for the world, provided people have an open mind.

This program has greatly expanded my possibility space and I know my consulting practice will grow quickly because I see it growing in my mind. I have introduced this program to one of my premiere clients and though the “experiment” has just started, they will be a different company. The executive team has already changed and is thinking much bigger thoughts with much higher aspirations.

And to think this all started with my short unintended and unexpected meeting with Bob Proctor. I have never felt more alive, and I suspect my client feels the same way.

- Gary McQuarrie, Grayrock & Associates, LLC